Mojito Marinated Watermelon


It’s SUMMER people!  After the coldest winter of MY LIFE! ( yes coldest winter since 1982 I think).  I am enjoying this summer weather!

  Last week my family and I drove to Wisconsin to celebrate Memorial day with my parents. And while I was there, I decided I wanted to incorporate some Booze into a watermelon dish.

 Did you ever soak watermelon in vodka when you were in college? – Yeah like that.  But I didn’t soak this watermelon in too much Booze, because these days getting tipsy isn’t necessarily a goal for me. I wanted just enough to taste it. So I was all about marinading watermelon in some sort of tequila drink when my mom told me. 

 ” No, you need to make the watermelon into a mojito!”  Great Idea Mom!  ( By the way, I should tell you that my mom is the hand model for this post.) melon2.jpg So while our boys were napping, we left them with my parents and my husband and I went on a date to the grocery store and picked up a watermelon mostly to have for dinner ( and a little bit to turn into booze). melon3.jpg I simply mixed up 1 mojito in this bowl.  2 shots of rum, mint and lime juice ( I omitted the sugar). and poured it into a container of watermelon. melon4.jpg Great looking hands mom!  I then put the lid on the container and shook it for about 2 minutes.  I wanted to make sure ALL the watermelon was coated.  I then let the watermelon marinate in the fridge for about 3 hours- until supper time. melon7It turned out to be a GREAT and refreshing summer treat!