Mini Sweet Pepper Tacos


I really LOVE Mini Sweet Peppers.  I buy them all the time now – once I figured out that you can get a bag of them at ALDI for like 2 dollars!  I really enjoy adding them to salads for extra CRUNCH!  Plus my 2-year-old really enjoys snacking on them as well.

Whenever I make a vegetable tray for a party, I like to make sure I include Mini Sweet Peppers.  They are colorful, and really do help make a spread look fantastic!  One day last week, I was using up some of my leftover Nectarine and Salsa Pulled Pork ( that I had in the freezer) when I decided that making a little taco inside of a mini sweet pepper would be adorable.  My lunch DID turn out adorable.  And tasty too! 


I cut the top off the Bell Pepper and removed the seeds.  Then, I make a little slit in the taco so it would look like a little   popper3

Then, I filled the little pepper taco shells with meat.  I already heated up the meat before putting it in the taco shells. popper4

THEN I added toppings.  Corn, lettuce, cheese and a small dollop of sour cream for me!  This was an excellent lunch! My two-year old acted like he was really eating something special.  Right now, he likes to point out all the colors he sees.  He kept rattling off to me -That he was eating a red pepper, then a yellow one.  It was adorable. 🙂


What a fun lunch indeed.  But also, I can’t wait to serve these at my next party!




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  2. What a wonderful idea. I would fill them with a chili cheese cornmeal mixture . Maybe I will try that tomorrow.


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