7 Ways to use Hard Apple Cider


Okay, so I am officially the LAST person to get on the Hard Cider Wagon.  In my defense though, I have had two kids in the last 3 years, and so my summers have been pretty much non alcoholic.  I discovered Hard Cider a few months ago, and I am Hooked!   See, I am not much of a beer girl and so I need something a little more ” Frou Frou”.   I am Hooked!

This past week, I have been alone with my little darlings.  My husband has been in China for work.   One Night I posted a wonderful ” treat” on my Facebook Page that I made myself after a hard day with the kiddos.  A Hard Cider Ice Cream Float!  It was wonderful!   today, I was thinking about Hard Cider, and I wasn’t even going to post anything today, but I decided to make this awesome Hard Cider Round up for you guys!

7 Awesome Recipes that Use Hard Cider! 

Most of the recipes on this round-up are recipes from other bloggers.  In order to view the full recipe, PLEASE click on the photo to visit that bloggers site.  AND tell them how awesome their recipe is too! 

1) Hard Cider Ice Cream Float.  ( A Make The Best of Everything Creation!) cider111.jpg

2) Hard Cider Boiled Brats ( No Picture)  A few weeks ago, I made some Apple Brats for supper.  Instead of Boiling them in Beer, I boiled them in Hard Apple Cider.  They turned out FANTASTIC!  ( okay, so maybe when I make those again I will add a photo to this post)

3) Chicken Braised in Hard Cider  from A Farm Girl Dabbles 

 Chicken Breasts Braised with Hard Cider and Parsnips

4) Hard Cider Caramels from Bakeaholic Mama 


5) Hard Cider Pulled Chicken from Cupcakes and Kale Chips Seriously, one of my favorite blogs !


6) Hard Cider Salmon and Veggie Packets from Back to her roots


7) Hard Cider Sweet Potato Bisque from Bakeaholic Mama 


sweet poato sou

I CAN”T wait to try some of these recipes.  Especially both of the chicken recipes. They look easy and wonderful!



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