Greek Lemon Marinade


When choosing to Marinate your chicken.  It is important to do it right.  There is nothing more disappointing then spending a whole day marinading chicken( not that you work at it all day) , then it actually turns out dry, with barely any flavor.  I tend to add citrus to ALL my homemade chicken marinades.  Lemons, Lime Juice and sometimes even orange juice.  It softens the chicken and brings out the flavor of any Herbs or spices you might add. When marinading chicken, it is important to add enough flavor AND let it sit long enough.  I am going to show you my favorite chicken Marinade AND share with you a few tips that will make your chicken taste amazing! marinate 1) When you Marinate Chicken.  You DON’T need to follow a recipe.  Just add the flavors YOU know works. Although I am sure you can find a TON online. 2) DON”T SKIMP on the citrus!  The more lemons the better!  I used two lemons to marinate 2 large chicken breasts.  I would have used more if I had any more lemons.  greek2 3) Poke your chicken with an old Fondue stick or a fork.  I registered for a fondue pot 8 years ago when I got married.  I use my fondue sticks for poking chicken AND poking baked potatoes only. 4) Marinate your chicken in a Mason Jar. Doesn’t take up room in your fridge, travels better to BBQ’s.  AND then you can make a few different flavors.  Maybe you have another cook who wants to make their chicken a different way. greek3 greek4 5) Give your chicken enough time to marinate.  The Longer the Better. Try to marinate your chicken in the morning of the day you want to eat it.  But if you can remember to do it the night before, it will turn out even better.  Last week, I let some chicken marinate in Lime juice and smoked paprika for THREE days!  ( It turned out amazing!) greek5 6) Chicken with LOTS of amazing flavors are wonderful as a salad!  Gives a plain ole salad taste pretty  much amazing! greek6


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