Broccoli Stem Parmesan Rice- and 10 uses for Broccoli stems


About 6 or 7 years ago, before I became a foodie.  I remember complaining to multiple people about a cheap bag of frozen broccoli that I purchased from a particular store.  I complained that the bag of broccoli was ” All Stem!” and a total rip off!    ( and it was a rip off).  But these days, I am not so turned off by the broccoli stem.  I come to find out from Live Strong, that the stem is as nutritious as the broccoli florets. It is just plain wasteful to throw away perfectly healthy food when there are so many people who go hungry. I have gathered 10 ways to turn broccoli stem into  wonderful dishes. 


10 ways to use Broccoli Stem.  ( Please visit the links below to see these amazing recipes by other food bloggers). 

1).  Broccoli Stem Veggie Burgers     

2) Broccoli Stem Fritters 

3) Broccoli Stem Pesto 

4.) Broccoli Stem Slaw  

5) Marinated Broccoli Stems  

6) Breadcrumb crusted baked Broccoli Stems 

7) Broccoli Stem Soup      

8) Broccoli Stem Salad    

9) Broccomole ( Love the name) 

10)  My Low Carb Broccoli Parmesan Rice!  

Over the last few years during this ” Paleo Craze”.  I have seen Cauliflower Rice and Zucchini Rice take off.   But I decided that I wanted to try making Broccoli rice.  I truly love the taste of broccoli and wanted to try it in rice form.   You can try using Broccoli rice in a variety of applications.  I thought that making Broccoli rice with Italian flavors seemed most appropriate.


How to make Broccoli Rice 

1) Cut the broccoli stems into round discs.   2) Boil them in water until they get soft.   3) Pulse the cooked broccoli in the food processor until the broccoli looks like rice.  4).  Add sea salt, minced garlic and parmesan cheese.   

I am sure you can add other flavors for your desired dish.

I don’t want to see Broccoli stem in the garbage EVER again when I come over to your house!  ( Yeah! I am talking to YOU!)  🙂



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