DIY Pizza Bagel Bites


DIY Bagel Bites are easy to make.  Just Follow a few simple steps and you can freeze these for later use.  These Bagel Bites make excellent toddler lunches. Just ask my two year old. 


When I was a teenager, my mom got boxes of Bagel Bites from Sam’s club all the time.  They were sooooo good!  Of course in those days, I used to be able to eat anything I wanted.  I was young, and a cross-country runner. Back then, I didn’t ever think about what was in the food that I ate.

These days, I am older and we, as a society are becoming more aware of what we eat. ( Well at least I think/hope so).

I believe that any dish, when prepared properly with healthy ingredients, can be delicious to eat. On this blog, I have made Healthier Baked Onion Rings, Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Healthy Greek Yogurt Banana Split.  Believe it or not, Bagel Bites can be made healthier too.

I don’t get it.  As a population, we buy horribly fattening frozen pizza and bake them in the oven, but we are too lazy to make our own little pizzas that are much healthier.



This is such an easy recipe, that I feel a little silly instructing you on how to make them.

I have been a little obsessed with Aldi lately.  I have found lots of healthy food items there for a good price.  One item that I have found are these mini whole wheat bagels.  You get 12 for $1.99.  They are 100 calories each.

DIY Whole Wheat Pizza Bagel Bites ( Makes 48 Bagel Bites) 


2 bags of ALDI whole wheat mini bagels

1 can of organic pizza sauce

1 bag of shredded mozzarella cheese

other desired pizza toppings


1.  Chop Cheese.  I did this so that the cheese would be small, like the mini bagel. It would be more even on each bagel bite


2) Spread Pizza Sauce on each bite. Followed by cheese. 



3) Put them on a baking sheet and freeze them flat for about 1 hour.  

I do this because I want them frozen before I store them in a plastic bag.  I don’t want the cheese to fall off each mini bagel.


4) Put them in your freezer and save them for a quick-lunch, dinner or snack.  

To heat them up, bake them in the oven at 350 for 10-12 minutes.   I didn’t have much success heating them in the microwave. Turned them real soggy.

It is nice to have healthier snack options available when you are terribly hungry and want something bad.  These mini whole wheat bagel bites are tasty, toddler approved AND guilt free!




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  2. I was just wondering if these need to be thawed before baking or can I just pop them straight in to the toaster oven from the freezer? Thanks.

  3. Hey, I ate those!! They were good 😉


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