Clementine Chicken Salad


Clementine Chicken Salad is a great way to ” Market” lunch to your kids.  My 2-year-old is obsessed with Clementines, and he really thought this lunch was a special one.  The best part about Clementine Chicken Salad is that this lunch is really easy.  No Bento boxes are required. 

Last week, I was reading my sister-in-law’s blog.  Chicago JoggerAnd I saw that she had made Pomegranate Chicken Salad,  I thought that putting some winter fruit in a chicken salad sounded delicious.

The only winter fruit I had around were Clementines.  Clementines have been the Favorite snack this winter in our home.  I thought that I would try to make a Clementine Chicken salad, but I knew the clementine would have to be cut just right.


Try to avoid that easy peel.  Instead, using a knife, cut the peel off.  This way, your Clementine Chicken salad won’t contain all those ” Strings”


Once the peel is off. Cut the clementine into sections.  Cut each section in 1/2.


Add Salt and Pepper to your Chicken Salad.  Adding Salt and Pepper to Citrus can really make the flavor of the citrus pop.  Have you ever tried Brazilian orange salad?  Check it out, I blogged about it a Gazillion years ago.

Go ahead and ” add ” whatever you would add to YOUR chicken salad.  Mayo, Greek yogurt, Miracle Whip, Olive Oil.  People can be very loyal to whatever they use, so I am not going to try to convert you. Ok?  ( I used mayo).


I must say, this was an excellent quick-lunch!

Clementine Chicken Salad 


1 can of canned chicken 

1 tablespoon of Mayo.  OR whatever YOU use 🙂 

a dash of salt and a dash of pepper

Between 1-3 clementines, cut. 

Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy!






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