Bell Pepper Salad Bowls


I think that I might just be a little obsessed with turning vegetables into cups/bowls/plates etc…..But if I have the opportunity to make something cute, I totally will!    A Bell Pepper Salad Bowl is a great way to show your friends and family what a creative hostess you can be!  

On my blog, I have made Cucumber Dip Cups, Zucchini Pizza Cups and a Pineapple Plate. I have seen peppers used as dip bowls around the web before, but I really don’t like to blog about things I have already seen a million times on Pinterest. But then, I got this idea of fanning out the bell pepper and using it as a cute and functional salad bowl  The best part about this fanned out Bell Pepper bowl, is that you get perfect bite sized bell pepper slices to eat after you finish eating your salad!   The bell pepper slices were perfect for soaking up some of the leftover salad dressing at the bottom of the bowl!

Bell Pepper Salad Bowls 

1) Obtain a Beautiful Bell Pepper and Wash it.  


2) Cut around the stem of the pepper and remove the stem. 


3) Cut around the perimeter of the pepper.  Not all the way down though.  Cut down just enough so that all the pepper slices fan out

4) Wash the inside of the pepper and shake out the seeds.  4) Dry the pepper, inside and out. 


5) Fill with salad and enjoy! 


These bell pepper salad bowls will fit a salad perfectly!  If you grow peppers in your graden, this is a great way to use them up!  I love sweet bell peppers.  This lunch yesterday was a reminder that spring isn’t so far away!






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