20 Edible Dish Ideas


Sometimes, when I see something totally cute on Pinterest, I will search around and find similar things.   For Example, after trying cauliflower pizza crust, I had to search around for other low carb pizza ideas.  I am just a little obsessive like that.   But also, the way creative bloggers bounce ideas off each other is so much fun!  Seeing something cute out there can give you an idea for your own project. ( that might be different).

So anyway, after making  DIY Bell Pepper Salad Bowls last week, I pretty much had to hop online and check out other edible ” Dishes”.  ( Like I have the time to be doing this.  Laundry in my house is PILING up ) 🙂

So anyway, I have found the 20 cutest ways that other bloggers have turned food into Bowls, Spoons, Plates, Cups, Etc.  Enjoy 🙂

20 Edible Plate, Spoon, Cup and Bowl Ideas

Edible Plates

1) Bacon Plate Learn how to weave bacon into a plate over at Vegota Food Baby. 

2) Peppermint Candy Plate Melt Peppermint Candies into a serving plate over at Growing Grace.

3) Watermelon Plate Learn how to plate a fabulous salad on a watermelon plate over at Three Many Cooks.  The photo above of the watermelon plate was taken by Three Many Cooks.

4) Tortilla Plates.  Make your own corn tortillas over at A Couple Cooks. 

5) Pineapple Plates.  Make Pineapple Plates, like the ones on my blog, Make the best of Everything. 

Edible Spoons 

6) Bread Spoons. Like the ones at Scissors and Paperwork.  Photo in the collage above is from Scissors and Paperwork. 

7) Cookie Spoons.  Impress friends at any party with these cute Cookie spoons from Pizzazzerie. 

8) Granola Spoons. Would go perfect with yogurt.  from 1 Fine Cookie. 

Edible Cups

9) Cucumber Dip Cups from this blog.  Would also be cute for an edible shot glass.

10) Apple Cups from Food Beast would be cute as a glass for apple juice, apple cider or a fruity wine. The photo above comes from Food Beast.

11) Edible Candy Cups from Hungry Happenings are totally adorbs.

12) Edible cappuccino cups.  Check them out Here. 

Edible Bowls 

13) Tomato Pizza Bowls from this blog, can also be used for chicken salad or any salad.

14) Pumpkin Bowls. from Kids Kubby have many uses.  Check them out!  

15) Melon Bowls from   not Martha make an adorable healthy breakfast or lunch.

16) Portobello pasta Bowls from Recipe.com can probably hold more than just pasta.

17) Bell Pepper Salad Bowls from my blog are probably my new favorite thing.

18) Cabbage Bowls from Fort Mills Living. make a nice healthy presentation for any type of healthy salad. ( photo above)

19) Edible Popcorn Party Bowl from Popcorn.org.  = Awesomeness

20) Rice Krispy Bowls from Spotted Canary are the cutest way EVER to present dessert.

Thank you for taking the time in reading about my latest obsession.  Head over to these other blogs and let them know how awesome they’re projects are 🙂


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