DIY Brother Subway Art


I Love all those quotes that you see floating around Pinterest!  Sometimes I wish you could purchase some of them for cute wall art!  I know you can get some of those cute little sayings for nurseries and playrooms.

When I found out that I was expecting my second boy, ( OMG in like 5 1/2 weeks!!!!) I wanted to do little things to prepare my son for his brother.  You see, he is used to being the center of attention.  Especially on my side of the family. He is the only grandchild  on my side, so my brothers and sister in law dote on him lovingly ALL the time!  ( it’s seriously so cute the way they just love him!  I can’t wait for them to have kids too!!!)

We have read books about babies,  playing with a little boy baby doll ( that sometimes gets thrown around) , and just using the baby’s name around the house so Evan will get used to hearing it.

Back in September, when we moved Evan to his big boy room, I thought it would be cute to hang this quote on his bedroom wall.  My boys are going to be just a little over 2 years apart, and hopefully will be best friends.  That is my hope for them anyway.   I told Evan that baby J******* ( we’re not revealing little brother’s name at this time. ) made this for him.  I think I need to find more big boy presents for Evan.



Instead of spending LOTS of money on a pre-made wall hanging, I made my own!  I am so glad I did! Not only was it fun and relaxing to make, but I love that he is the only boy in the world who has this exact thing in his room!

DIY Subway art wall hanging. 

1) Using 2 different sized stencils, I traced the sayings  onto a large canvas. This was possibly the most time-consuming part.  It is important to make sure that each line will fit on the canvas before actually tracing the letters.



2) Paint the letters with a small brush.   Evan’s room colors are grey, navy blue and orange.  so I did a variety of different hues with those colors. ( for you non art people, I simply added black, white and grey to my color scheme colors to create different hues)



3) When I was done painting, I outlined all the letters with black ” Puffy Paint” or 3d paint.  This gives is a nice, finished and professional look. Similar to what you might find on a pre-made wall hanging.



I was pleased with the way it turned out.  I am glad I took my time on this project.  Sometimes when I rush, it does not.


I love the way this looks in Evan’s room.  🙂



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