Light Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole



Yep.  I am on a ” Freezing Meal” kick.  I now have 11 meals in my garage freezer that my family can eat come December when our second little man is born.  Here are some things I like about Freezing meals.

1) Making 2-3 extra meals might take 10-20 minutes extra if you are already making dinner.

2) It is not much more expensive.  Especially if you already purchased a bunch of ingredients. You might as well just use it all up.

3) Making meals from meat that is on sale results in MUCH cheaper dinners. Especially if you can buy this meat in bulk.

4) It is a good feeling knowing that you have some ” Family Favorites” stored away in the freezer that you can just heat up.

5) More and More, I am finding that ” prepared store-bought food” is becoming less satisfying.  The last time my husband was out of town I had purchased some pre made progresso soup, and I couldn’t even finish my bowl!   I love having wonderful Homemade meals on hand.

I have always loved Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Adding ham and swiss cheese to chicken is a winner combination that my husband and I have always enjoyed.  I have not made it a lot.  I don’t buy lunch meat often.  For some reason having all the correct ingredients at one time for this recipe has always been hard.

In addition, I am not too experienced with preparing casseroles.  Greg and I were a childless married couple for 5 years ( by choice) and would only make 2 pieces of meat and some veggies for dinner.  We never cared about leftovers or trying to stretch something out over two dinners.


Now, that I am attempting to fill our freezer with healthy meals.  Greg is proudly coming home from the store with meat that he got on sale.  Yesterday morning, he came home with 5 lbs of fresh chicken for less than $10.00.  Sometimes I feel that sale chicken isn’t as good. It can be tough.  So I always cook it in the crock pot with salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil until it falls apart.  THEN it tastes amazing!



This is only about 1/4 of the chicken that I cooked.  It just fell apart after several hours in the crock pot.

After Dinner, I simply just made more rice and stirred in all of my extra ingredients. I was able to make and freeze 4 large Chicken Cordon Bleu Casseroles!  It wasn’t any extra money because I had already purchased  ingredients for 1 casserole!



Chicken Cordon Bleu ( Mixture for 1 casserole) 

8 servings of rice ( cooked according to the box)

1/2 bag of frozen peas

4 wedges of laughing cow cheese

2 slices of thick deli ham, chopped into squares

2 tablespoons of dijon mustard

1 cup sour cream ( for moisture).  You can also use condensed soup or chicken broth too.

1 cup of shredded swiss cheese

1) Cook Rice 

2) Stir in All other ingredients 

3) If you are eating right away, top with some breadcrumbs and bake.  If you are freezing, store in a freezer bag and chill in the fridge overnight.  Place in the freezer in the morning. 



And that is it!  I always keep a large amount of frozen veggies around the house.  I may want to add more veggies when I decide to heat it up to cook.

Maybe one day I will get off this freezing kick and return to my normal cooking self:) But not today!!!!



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