Audrey’s Fashion Design Kit

design7Birthday season is in full swing in my family! ¬†And I just realized that tables are turning….. ¬†As soon as I think up of some fun gift ideas for my nephews and niece who are growing up and need ” Big Kid” gifts. ¬†I ¬†realize that there is another round of ” little” kids who will need some homemade gifts for their birthdays!

Exhausting!  Pinterest should help me out with some fresh new ideas! LOL

I actually didn’t get this idea for Audrey’s Fashion Design Kit from Pinterest. Or Online. ¬†I thought of it when I was trying to sleep one night. ¬†I was kind of surprised there WASN’T anything like this on Pinterest.

This is such a simple idea that is easy and ANY creative kid would LOVE!

I say Any ” Kid” ¬†because both girls and boys Can be fashion designers. ¬†I have a son who loves his play kitchen, I was a little upset the other day when I was at the store looking for a ” play grocery cart” for my son. ¬†They only came in pink. ¬†So what. Boys can’t grocery shop? Come on!

( ok rant over)

My Niece Audrey is a very creative kid. ¬†She has been since she was little. ¬†She has always been busy drawing pictures and writing things down. ¬†I thought I would give her some items that would help her create some fashion pieces. ¬†I didn’t include instructions, sometimes kids need to come with their own instructions.


I went to Hobby Lobby and spent some time looking around at items that would help Audrey make some pretty pieces. ¬†This doesn’t have to be expensive. ¬†Hobby Lobby often has various items for 50% off. ¬†I got the bag, the T-shirt and most of the decorating items for 50%. ¬†Some of the decorating items were on clearance for under $1.00. ¬†The only item that I thought she needed that I purchased for full price were the fabric markers. ¬†I thought the fabric markers were necessary.



The items in Audrey’s Fashion Design Kit include: ¬†A Canvas Bag, A T Shirt, A headband and a bandana. All items that she can decorate.



Fabric markers, beads, felt flowers, stick on crystals and bobby pins.

There are so many cute things that could be added to this kit, it depends on how carried away you want to get.


I added all these items to a box, and wrote a little note, explaining how to use them.  I put them in a decorated box.

I hope she likes this!!





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