Sneaking veggies round-up


I saw an article in the Chicago tribune , discussing whether  hiding vegetables in your kids food is a good idea.  I found it interesting.  I am going to admit this now.  Even though my husband and I tend to eat healthy, we still struggle with getting our almost two-year old to eat his vegetables.  Now that he is almost two, he is becoming even more defiant.  There are days when he takes one look at the vegetables on his plate and flat-out throws them on the floor.  ( He is punished accordingly as appropriate as we know how to punish a two-year old)

We still have A LOT of work to do.  I still believe that as he continues to watch us eat healthy, he will still improve.  He has gotten better at, at least TRYING each thing on his plate before he decides he doesn’t like it.

I am not necessarily a huge fan of hiding vegetables in just cookies and then using those to supplement this issue.  But if you take time ( as I did) to browse the internet, there are some fun and healthy ways to get your kids to eat their veggies without necessarily ” ticking” them into thinking that they are eating a cookie or cake”.

I find that perhaps changing the texture of the vegetable is all I need to get my son to like it.

I have rounded up some fun ways for kids to enjoy vegetables. The ( Kind of) Sneaky way.

Us Mom’s can be pretty sneaky, you know.

1) Vegetable Spiked Meatballs.  From this blog


2) Butternut Squash Pancakes from Little Fish Studios 


3) Broccoli Scrambled Eggs by Linda Wagner 


4) Hide the Veggies Hamburger by Trials of a Stay at home mom 


5) Butternut Squash Apple Sauce from This blog 


6) Avocado Pasta Sauce from Quirky Eats 


7) Sweet Potato Quesadilla from My favorite Things. 

Food Stylist:  Stephana Bottom

8) Cabbage Sloppy Joes from Foods Fool


9) Make “Hide the Veggies Soup” with me gusta mantequilla


10) Learn how to make Roasted Cauliflower ” Cheese” Mac and Cheese at this blog 


11) Pumpkin Grilled Cheese at Just water please 


12 And i will give you 1 sweet one…  Spinach/ Carrot Brownies from Mommy Trade Tricks 


I hope you like this collection.  If you have a recipe that hides vegetables or a vegetable dish more kids friendly, please feel free to link it in the comment section.  I will give you a shout out to my Facebook community as well:)





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