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I am a little ashamed to put this in writing, but when I was in college, I ate A LOT of Easy mac!  You know the stuff, those magical noodles that cook in your microwave in just a few minutes and the powdered cheese that stirred in with ease.  EASY Mac!

Even though my family doesn’t eat perfectly, I am proud to say that I don’t make Mac and Cheese out of a box to serve my child. ( Ok, maybe I gave boxed mac and cheese to my little guy a FEW times. But I swear, it was at least the organic kind 🙂

As a busy mom with a toddler, out of necessity, I have learned a REALLY fast way to prepare Mac and Cheese using REAL CHEESE and REGULAR NOODLES!

I SWEAR that it takes the same or even less time than that boxed Mac and Cheese, PLUS it tastes so much better!



You will want to take out all of your favorite cheeses from your fridge and have them ready, along with some butter or margarine.  I am not going to tell you what cheese to use.  We all have our preferences and mixes of cheese we like.  Make sure the cheese is shredded.

1) Boil your noodles  I think that its funny how some people think that boiling noodles over the stove is too much work.  Little elbow macaroni noodles don’t take long at ALL.  However, it boiling noodles over the stove is too much work for you, try these ways. 

– Use a Hot Pot to boil noodles – this will work well in a Dorm Room. 

– Use a Microwave Vegetable steamer to boil noodles in your microwave,  Usually boiling a small amount of Macaroni noodles will only take about 5-6 minutes. 

– Use the Fast Boil on your stove, if you have one.  

Either way,  you should be able to boil some macaroni noodles in just a few minutes.

After your noodles are cooked, you will want to follow these steps quickly, it is important that your noodles are still hot while doing these things. 



AND THAT IS IT!  Stirring in the Butter and Cheese should only take 1 minute or so.  AND your mac and cheese is done! 



And its true, that serving Mac and Cheese for dinner isn’t the prefect healthy mom thing to do.


But it’s easy to make them something real, that they will enjoy.  And there is no real excuse anymore to give them powdered cheese.



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