Garlic-Avocado Butter


I have been obsessed with Avocados lately.  I love avocados so much that it hurts.

My local Wal-mart store has been selling avocados for 46 cents each for the past month.  I have been indulging EVERY week in avocados.  I have been adding them to pizza, salads, and pasta.  Making avocado chicken salad, guacamole, and just eating them plain.

When I was pregnant with my son, my food of choice was cereal.  This time around, it is, hands down, avocados.



Yesterday my in laws came over for a visit.  They brought us a special treat!  2 boxes of tomatoes, several large zucchini, a bag of basil, and peppers!  What a treat!  I tried REALLY hard not to act too much like a child at Christmas.  I LOVE fresh Iowa produce!  It’s always perfect and delicious!



Greg and I have been snacking on these heirloom cherry tomatoes ever since!  These tomatoes are amazing alone, but I decided to make some avocado butter for dipping!



Garlic-Avocado Butter

1 Avocado *  1 clove of Minced Garlic * 1 teaspoon lemon juice * 1 teaspoon olive oil*  1 dash of sea salt * 

Just mix all the ingredients together and stir until the consistency feels like butter.  You can always freeze some for later.

This Might be my favorite new condiment.  I may even like this more than honey mustard.  Well, maybe.

I know what you are thinking.   What else can avocado butter be used for?


Avocado Butter can be used as a healthier alternative for butter or mayonnaise.  Here are some uses for avocado butter. 

1) Spread Avocado Butter on a toast or a bagel .

2) Spread on Corn on the Cob.

3) Use as a dip for Raw veggies.

4) Use as a dip for pita chips .

5) Use in Chicken or Tuna Salad .

6) Toss with pasta or rice .

7) Use as a condiment on a burger, brat or hot-dog. 

8) Use it as a base on a homemade pizza in place of pizza sauce. 

9) Use it in place of butter in savory baked goods. 

10) Use it as a salad dressing. 



And I am sure you can think or more uses for it too!





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