Avocado-Tomato Naan Pizza


When I updated my About Me page on my blog last week. ( Which I have put off for a long time).  I mentioned that I was lucky enough to Marry an Iowan.  You know, Iowans are the nicest people in the WHOLE world!

They also grow the best produce in the world!  Like these cherry tomatoes that my mother in law gave me last week to take home.  Warm, and fresh out of the garden, they taste sweet, better than candy!

Last week my son and I drove down to Iowa City, where my in-laws live, for a fun day with playing with grandma!

Have I ever told you about the beautiful old farm-house my in-laws live in?  Oh yeah, I have.  Here:) 

My husband Greg was gone on business and my father in law was biking across Iowa.  That night my mother in law had a ” date” out on the porch to watch the sunset with gourmet root beers.  It was fabulous!

The next day, we were sent home with a large box of tomatoes from her garden


Are these not the best looking beauties you have ever seen?



Sometimes, when I make pizza at home, I like to use something else as my base sauce besides pizza sauce.  It turns the flavor of pizza into something more exciting.  Sometimes I just brush olive oil, sometimes garlic, also, sometimes I will use a balsamic vinegar as my pizza base.  For this pizza, I used avocado.

Don’t make fun of me for shopping at Wal-mart, but our local Wal-mart has had avocados for 46 cents for over a month now.  I have stocked up and been eating a TON of them!



I made my pizza on Naan Bread.  Costco and Trader Joes are great places to buy Naan Bread.  You can also try making it.



My parents and I were talking about unhealthy food served in school cafeterias today.  My dad made the point, that if schools served “healthy” pizza kids would still love it, AND they would be getting a good meal. Just saying.



I only used a small  handful of  cheese on my pizza.  Afterwards I drizzled it with Balsamic vinegar to add some depth to the flavor.  This was an amazing dinner:)


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