Snickers Stuffed Campfire Bananas


I remember going to summer camp as a child and making campfire bananas by stuffing bananas with all sorts of goodies and cooking them over the campfire.   They were always so good!  Gooey and warm! Sweet and chocolaty! ( not a word).

Since I have an inappropriate amount of bananas in my house ( because I have a toddler and because of my husband’s addiction to his morning ” Green Monster  smoothie”) I decided to try making a campfire banana for a special summer dessert!  AND I kicked it up a notch by stuffing my campfire bananas with Snickers!

ALL I have to say is OMG. THIS was SOOOOO good!



Making a Snickers Stuffed Campfire Banana is simple!

1) Slice open a banana with a knife.  

2) Slice a fun sized Snickers 

3) Stuff your banana with Snickers pieces 

4) Wrap in tin foil and put it on the Campfire for 10 minutes OR The grill OR the oven for 10 minutes

5) Unwrap the banana and eat! 



I don’t usually keep candy bars around.  But I came up with this idea while I was grocery shopping.  You can just buy a small 6 pack of fun sized candy bars of you don’t go too crazy with these!




All I have to say was OMG.  I might not be able to make these again soon, because I might get too carried away!


Next time you take Campfire Banana fixings out for a summer treat!  Just pick up some Snickers and watch your family and friends DROOL over these!



  1. Woah such amazing timing – I JUST introduced my husband to mars bar stuffed bananas my Mum used t make for me and my siblings when we were little – we used to microwave them for a special dessert treat occasionally! He loved them too 😀 So great to see them here!

    Hannah ♫
    Sew Lah Tea Dough

  2. Wow these sound so good, thanks for posting this up.



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