Low- Carb Pizza Round up

pizzacollage.jpg.jpg Who doesn’t LOVE Pizza?  I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t love pizza, and even more who might love pizza too much!  ( Me, for example).  I have compiled a list of my favorite Low Carb Pizza ideas for you to enjoy.  Remember, there is nothing wrong with a regular pizza crust every so often.  I really don’t like low carb recipes simply because they lack bread.  Rather, I am intrigued by them because you get to eat vegetables or protein in a new and fun way!  AND I am ALWAYS finding new ways to get my family to eat more vegetables! Enjoy my list!

1) Pepperoni Pizza Tomato Bowls from this blog.  tomato5

2) Kale Pizza Crust from Eat Clean Diet  520x391

3) Cauliflower Pizza Crust by Square Native  LNFpizza-e1373844394851

















4) Zucchini Pizza Cups  


5) A Meat-zza Pizza By The Cave Women Cafe 


6) Low Carb Hawaiian Pizza   haw7

7) Mushroom Pizza Bites  from Super Healthy Kids


8) Egg Roll Wrapper Calzones


9) Pizzas on a Bell Peppers!  From Undressed Skelton ( a favorite blog of mine) 


10) Carrot Crust Pizza  By Jo Sue 


11) Pounded Chicken Pizza by Cavemankatocheese-on-thighs-702x468 

12) Eggplant Parmesan Mini Pizzas eggplant7 Don’t these look amazing?



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