Mom’s Caprese Salad



Why Hello!  It has been a while!  Why, yes it has been!

My family is settling into our new house!  We moved out of Southeast Iowa on May 2nd and stayed with family until last Friday!  I thought I was going to be able to continue blogging while at my parent’s house, but they were having work done, and I wasn’t able to do what I had hoped.  I have so many recipes and projects in the works. I hope that you will start following again!

One of the best things about staying with my mom is her cooking!  My mom’s Italian food is to die for!  She makes fantastic risotto, chopped salads, and pasta dishes.  Everything she makes is always from scratch and amazing!

My mom brought home some pretty looking tomatoes home from Whole Foods, and we made a Caprese salad to accompany dinner.

I love Caprese Salad so much that it hurts!  And it is sooo easy!



1) Cut up a tomato into slices.  Tomatoes are best when they are still warm and freshly picked.  I have not had the opportunity to pick fresh vegetables at my in law’s organic garden yet this year, but we are not too far away from this, are we?


2) Cut fresh mozzarella cheese and place slices on each tomato- Using fresh mozzarella cheese for a summer Caprese salad is a must.


3) Top each tomato with freshly picked basil – My mom has a beautiful herb garden at her house.  I need to get mine started at the new home.



4) Sprinkle with salt and pepper- There is nothing quite like a warm summer tomato sprinkled with a little salt and pepper.

5) Drizzle with a bit of olive oil- But only a few.  Don’t overdo it!


6) Drizzle with Balsamic vinegar.  Or a Balsamic vinegar reduction might even be better 

And that is how my mom taught me how to make the perfect Caprese salad on a summer day!

Are the tomatoes ready yet?



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