Jicama Snack Sticks with honey-lime dipping sauce


Looking for a healthy and refreshing snack for a hot summer day?

Try Jicama snack sticks and make a yummy dip for them!   Jicamas are crunchy and sweet like apples and starchy, like potatoes.  They are Paleo friendly and low calorie.  They are also VERY filling and delicious!

Not familiar with jicamas?  Don’t worry, many people don’t know what they are!  I feel like 1/2 the time I am at the grocery store purchasing a jicama someone approaches my grocery cart and asks me ” What is that?”.

I am usually happy to tell them what it is, then I tell them to go buy one.  That they are wonderful.



Here is what a Jicama looks like.



And here is a little description for you!

I always plan on cooking these or doing something different, but then I get home and cut it up raw because raw jicama is so amazing!



You will want to peel your jicama.  Peeling a jicama takes a bit more muscle than peeling a carrot. Hopefully you won’t make as big of a mess as I did:)


Then, using a knife, cut your jicama into snack sized sticks ( or any other shape you might prefer)

Lightly season your jicama sticks with sea salt and some pepper. This really helps bring out the body in your jicama sticks.



Honey Lime Dipping Sauce 


2 tablespoons of Greek Yogurt

1 teaspoon of honey

1 teaspoon of lime juice

1 pinch of sea salt

mix with a spoon and serve!

This is such an amazing light summer snack!  And its a GREAT way to coax your kids into eating some vegetables!  I know.  I tricked my 20 month into eating them, and he usually won’t voluntarily  touch anything that resembles a vegetable!




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