Caramelized Onion Dip



Is there anything better then caramelized onions? I can only think of a few things.   I am a little embarrassed to share that I spent the first 25 years of my life hating onions.  I mean HATING them. ( really I was scared to touch them).  I don’t recall what changed my mind about them.  I still wont eat them raw, but I Love them Grilled, Fried and LOVE them caramelized!

Dip is not something that usually enters my home.  Another one of those self control issues that I have.   But last month when I hosted my  Bunco Group.  I decided to try this recipe, since I would be sharing it with others:).  I loved this recipe.  The Sweet Potato Chips I purchased made this recipe even better!

Yes, I have become obsessed with the Sweet Potato Chips you can get at Aldi!  OBSESSED!  ( they are so good and cheap!)

The night before I hosted bunco, I made this dip, so I could easily put together my spread.



I prefer my caramelized onions brown.  These take a long time, but are well worth it!



When The onions were done caramelizing, I pulsed them in my food processor for a little bit and mixed them with sour cream and let the flavors settle in the fridge overnight.

Let me tell you this turned out wonderfully.  I want to make it again! I am trying to watch what I eat because I am standing up in my brother wedding next month!  Maybe after that I will splurge a bit!



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