Alayna’s Cookie Shop



My cousin Jeanette has the cutest little girl!  She is 6 months older than my son and I love watching them play together!   Alayna recently had her second birthday.  Last year I gave her a ” Book of the month club”.  I think that maybe jeanette looked at some of the gifts that I made on this blog, because around Christmas she went out of her way to request a ” Felt Pizza”.   I am in the middle of a move, and I didn’t have time to make Alayna a felt pizza.  I thought she would have lots of fun with this Felt Cookie shop!  

Along with Alayna’s felt cookies, I found some cheap items from Wal-mart so Alayna can make cookies just like her mom!  I found a small cookie sheet for .99 cents and a plastic spatula for under a dollar as well.




Items included in Alayna’s Play Cookie Shop:

1) Felt Cookies.  Sewed and Stuffed with pillow stuffing.

2) Cookie dough. So Alayna can ” roll out” her cookies and cut them out with a cookie cutter

3) Cookie decorations! ( felt circles in a sprinkle container)

4) frosting decorations.  ( Felt cut outs)

5) A Spatula

6) A Cookie Cutter

7) Cookie Pan.



I used floss to sew these cookies.  I am finding floss to be a better sewing tool than thread.  It makes hand sewing go faster.  I sewed these cookies while watching movies with my mom after my almost sister in law’s bridal shower!



Jeanette has told me multiple times since I gave this to Alayna a month ago, that she loves playing with it!  Isn’t it the truth that fun activities for kids are always the inexpensive ones?




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