Grandma’s Farmers Market Bag



I wanted to get my son’s mothers day craft out-of-the-way early this year.  We are moving, and I am not about to breakout the finger paints at my parents house while we are staying with them next month!   I thought of something cute that both of Evan’s Grandmas would use!  A Farmers Market Bag!

Both of Evan’s Grandma’s are organic ” Food Snobs” ( I mean that as a compliment) who like to attend farmers markets, shop local, and reuse grocery bags.   Why not make them something they can use, and  also show off to people that they have an awesome grandson?

I did some research on Pinterest  involving ” handprints Fruits and Vegetables”.  This afternoon, my 18 month old and I went to work on this project and I was really pleased with the way it turned out!

Before starting this project. I found my carrot footprint here. and  The Eggplant footprint here .  

I also tried to think of other things my 18 month old would be able to do that would look like items found at the farmers market.

I found these blank canvas bags at Hobby Lobby and used toddler finger paint to make these.  ( just incase he wanted to eat it)



My footprints are not perfect.  But remember, I was working with a rambunctious 18 month old boy.  I wanted to make this as much Evan’s project as possible. After all the prints were made, I outlined them with black puffy paint to make the designs look complete.


The Peppers are actually stamped with a real bell pepper.



I actually made two of these bags.  One for each Evan’s grandmas. I know they will love this mothers day present!  ( Hopefully they wont see it here first. Oh well, that what they get for snooping). LOL I am just kidding:)



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