Garlic Zucchini Chips


I love snacks that CRUNCH! So much that I can’t buy chips pretty much ever.  I will keep on eating handful after handful.  Geesh! I pretty much have no self-control when it comes to certain things!  Perhaps I need to work on this.  Or perhaps, I can create a fun healthy snack where it is OK to eat more!

Take my zucchini chips .  Would Dr. Oz ever tell you not to eat 2 whole zucchini for a snack?  No he would not!

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through interest, and I swear, that EVERY recipe I found required a food dehydrator.  So the next day I went to Target and purchased one.  I am so glad  I did!  I have dehydrated random things in my kitchen since!


Zucchini Chips were the first thing I wanted to make.  I always have and always will love zucchini!  I cut up 2 small zucchini into thin pieces and sprinkled a generous amount of garlic powder on them.  I then arranged them into my new food dehydrator and let them dehydrate for 24 hours.


My food dehydrator came with a guide for dehydrating different vegetables.  It advised me on how long to dehydrate each food item and what the consistency was supposed to be.  I was excited because my zucchini chips turned out to be brittle at the end of this process. Like a real chip.


I rotated my dehydrator tray every few hours.  ( not when I was sleeping though)


The next morning I woke up to these amazingly tasty crispy zucchini chips!


I stored my chips in a mason jar.  This was a great choice as you want to make sure your chips continue to stay crispy.  A plastic bag would work too.


THIS was a great guilt free crunchy snack!



  1. What kind of dehydrator did you get? Did it give you the option of setting the temperature? Also, can you please tell me how thick you sliced the zucchini? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I already have a food dehydrator and I will try these chips tomorrow.

  3. What temp did u have ur dehydrator on??

  4. I am cutting mine with a mandolin. Makes it go quick too.

  5. I love the dehydrator.. my biggest problem is cutting them the same width each time, did you use something or just eye it?

  6. Now I need a dehydrator! What a fantastic idea!

  7. I don’t have a dehydrator. How long would I cook them in the oven?

  8. Awesome! It’s time for me to dig out the dehydrator again! 🙂


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