Felt Family Mail Kit

So here we are again.  Another child’s birthday, another homemade children’s gift.  My nephew Kyle is turning three!  I wanted to make him a fun interactive gift that he can share with his brothers and sister!

My sister-in-law has her kids write letters and draw cards ALL the time!  I guess when you have a large group of kids having them write letters or draw pictures for other family members is a fun activity to ” pull out” when you need to keep them busy for a while!  I thought that Kyle’s family could write letters to each other and then Kyle can deliver the mail!

I made each member of Kyle’s family a felt envelope to use to ” play mail”.  Also, I made Kyle a messenger bag for all the letters to fit in.

I had a fun time picking out the felt for these envelopes.  I wanted them to look colorful and ” funky”.  I decided to sew these with colored floss.  I LOVED sewing these with floss rather than thread.  It was much easier to work with.   Some people think that I am a little crazy when they find out that I sew these projects by hand.  I find hand sewing in front of the T.V after my son goes to bed to be very therapeutic.

Each family member has an envelope with their name on it.  I also made cute felt stamps and hot glued them on.  I attached a button as a fastener to each envelope.

I made sure that Kyle’s envelope was yellow.  One of the first ” talking” conversations I ever had with Kyle, he told me that his favorite color was “Lellow”.  ( SO CUTE!)

Kyle’s mail bag was also hand sewn and made from felt.  I purchased a larger piece of felt from the fabric store.  I made this bag simple and used buttons as the fasteners.

I included a birthday card in Kyle’s yellow envelope.  to explain how to use his gift.

I am happy that I was able to include all of Kyle’s siblings in his gift.  That is one thing I notice about all the kids in Kyle’s family is that they have a” group mentality” and like to share!  Hopefully this family felt mail kit will bring them even closer together!



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