15 ways to make veggie fries

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There is nothing quite like hot crispy french fries dipped in ketchup. I realize that most french fries from restaurants are not super healthy. When I was eating Whole 30 last summer, I made homemade baked potato dries in my oven. They’re always excellent and are healthy if you leave the skins on. ( The skins is where the nutrients lay)

Did you know that you can make a “fry” out of almost any vegetable? All you need to do is to get creative, making any said vegetable into a “fry shape,” roast it in the oven and dip it in ketchup.

There are several great reasons to make vegetable fries

1. Making veggie fries are a great way to get your kids to eat their vegetables willingly
2. Almost all veggie fries I have tried are delicious!
3. A great way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet!

Here are some items that will help you make killer vegetable fries!

  1. A Crinkle Cutter will help you make authentic-looking vegetable fries
  2. An extra-large sheet pan will give you enough space for cooking all these delicious vegetables
  3. Parchment Paper or a Silicone Baking Mat will keep the chips from sticking to your pan
  4. Most vegetable fries are best when sprinkled with some sea salt.
  5. Many vegetable fries can also get crispy when you cook them in an Air Fryer.

I have collected the very best veggie fry recipes for you from across the great wide web! Hopefully, these will give you some inspiration to add a bunch of vegetables to your next grocery order and eat them, šŸ™‚ Most of these fries are gluten-free, vegan, and can be easily made Whole 30 compliant depending on on on what spices you like to use.

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Pull-Apart Sweet Potato Fries

Crinkle Rutabaga Fries

3. Plantain FriesĀ 

4. Beet FriesĀ 

5. Asparagus FriesĀ 

6.Ā Butternut Squash Oven FriesĀ 

7. Zucchini FriesĀ 

8. Green Tomato FriesĀ 

9. Crispy Jalapeno FriesĀ 

10. Turnip FriesĀ 

11. Carrot FriesĀ 

12. Jicama FriesĀ 

13. Air Fryer Avocado FriesĀ 

14. Kohlrabi FriesĀ 

15. Pumpkin Fries



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