Salted Sweet Potato Smores

My husband Greg has this thing for Smores.  I mean he REALLY likes them.   A few times a year he will come home from work with Smores fixings and start microwaving smores after dinner.  For Valentines Day this year I got him ingredients for Smores because he really likes them THAT much!

Now that we are now thirty somethings.  I thought I would come up with a more sophisticated version of  Smores  using dark chocolate instead of  junk Milk chocolate and substituting the graham cracker with a salted sweet potato crisp.

In order to make a nice Sweet Potato Crisp.  I cut some thin slices of a peeled sweet potato. ( not too thin).  I brushed them with olive oil and lightly salted them with sea salt.  I put them in the oven at 350 degrees.  for about 25 minutes.  Every 7-8 minutes I opened up the oven and turned them.  I wanted to make sure they were not going to stick to my baking sheet and I wanted a nice brown crisp on each side of the sweet potato.

While still in the oven.  I placed a piece of dark chocolate and a marshmallow on 2 of the Sweet Potato crisps and let them bake for about 2 minutes longer.

Until the marshmallow gets all big and gooey.

Using my spatula, I carefully transported each Sweet Potato Smore to a place and let them cool for just a minute.  Then I indulged.

I am not sure this would constitute as a ” Healthy” version of Smores. As I don’t think smores are meant to be healthy.  However this is a more  dynamic version of the smore!





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