Greek Yogurt Banana Split

I woke up this morning to this.

An Iowa Snow.  A snow day for everyone here locally, even the college students.  I decided that driving my 16 month old son around town today was unnecessary.


Well, we organized his baby clothes, and his books, cleaned out his closet And then made a special afternoon snack.

A snack that tasted wonderful and wasn’t all horrible for us.

A Greek Yogurt Banana Split!  


I just happened to have ingredients around that could be used to top a banana split.  My husband has been into making smoothies in the morning so we keep Greek yogurt and frozen berries around.

Before building our banana split ( we shared).  I made a simple chocolate syrup by

1) mixing together. 2 tablespoons of milk and  1 teaspoon  of cocoa. 

2) microwaving the mixture for 1 minute. 

3) stirring in 1 dark chocolate square. 

This method worked just fine.  I usually don’t keep things like chocolate syrup around the house.

I also microwaved the marshmallows before adding them to the sundae. Mini marshmallows are only 2 calories each.

I built the Greek yogurt banana split by slicing the banana and filling it with Greek yogurt and fruit.

I then topped it with the warm marshmallows, sprinkles and dark chocolate drizzle. and cereal ( I used toddler cereal. LOL)

This was an incredible treat considering I just used items I already had around the house!   Both my son and I enjoyed our snack.  We still had a lot leftover!

What a great treat!




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