Felt Hot Cocoa Kit

About a month ago I drove to the ” Big City” ( Des Moines)  for a shopping trip with my friend Miranda and our kids.  Our lively shopping group was browsing through all of the adorableness in Pottery Barn Kids store when we both picked up this cute Hot cocoa set.

” You could totally make this”.  Said Miranda.

Miranda is my neighbor and closest friend here in Southeast Iowa.  But I have known her less then a year.  I am not sure she knew that I heard a “crafting challenge”  in that statement.  A CRAFTING CHALLENGE!

I should also add that my friend Miranda SHOULD have a cake decorating, baking, house decorating, cooking, and  scrapbooking blog?  Yes she should.  And she even knows how to organize all of her craft supplies! ( an area in which I still need major help)

I decided that I would attempt to make a ” hot cocoa” kit for Miranda’s daughters birthday!  Its nice to have another crafty friend that would appreciate a homemade gift for her daughter.

I have not actually SEWN much since my son was born in October of 2011.  Remember this cute Pizza set I hand sewed for my niece Audrey?  I was afraid I would not have enough time to sew this for my friend’s daughter.  I decided to take my time with the project.  Every evening after my son went to sleep one week I broke out my sewing supplies and made this.  I forgot how relaxing crafting can be.

Steps I took to sew the mug. 

All the pieces I used to create the mug are doubled up.  I cut red felt into the following pieces.

2 pieces of 3 by 10 inches – for the body of the mug

2 three inch circles. – for the bottom of the mug

1  2.5 by 5 felt piece.- for the mug handle

I sewed the body of the mug together.  then attached the handle.  I sewed the bottom of the mug on last.

The handle of the mug has pillow stuffing inside to make it sturdy.

The marshmallows were much easier to sew.  I just cut out one rectangle and 2 circles.  I first sewed the rectangle together  followed by the circles.  These marshmallows have  pillow stuffing in them.

As long as you have the patience to be careful with each piece, then your project will turn out great.  I would say don’t worry about measuring everything perfectly.  Its supposed to be food, which does not always come in perfect shapes.

Although felt cookies did not come with the Pottery Barn hot cocoa set, I thought they would be a nice finishing touch to this set.  I have sewed felt cookies.  Here and Here.

I placed all of these items in a gift box that matched ( Super Target 90% after Christmas clearance ) I thought it looked really nice together.

When we brought this gift over to Miranda’s daughter she started arranging the items in her play kitchen.  So cute!



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