Valentines Day Parfait

You didn’t think that I wouldn’t last throughout Valentines Day season without sharing some heart-shaped food would you?   There is ALOT of heart-shaped food out there on the internet!   Heart shaped meatloaf, Heart shaped pies and cookies and cakes.  Heart shaped ice cream sandwiches and smores.   Heart shaped Everything!   So many heart-shaped food options that it might make some people want to vomit.

Not me.  I Love it.  All of it!  ALL of IT!

I really dislike posting the same old things.  I had to brainstorm hard to come with a heart-shaped something that I have not seen before.  I just decided to turn to foods that my family already eats.  I am not going to run out to the store and buy pink and red frosting and sprinkles when my family usually eats fresh fruits and vegetables.

We have made many fruit smoothies for my son lately.  Spinach and banana and sometimes broccoli smoothies.  Since I love my boys. My husband and son, I decided to make them a heart-shaped fruit and yogurt parfait for an afternoon snack!

Using a my collection of heart-shaped cookie cutters.  I cut out an assortment of heart-shaped fruits.  I just happened to have kiwi fruits, strawberries and bananas that were easy to cut into heart-shaped fruits.

I froze my heart-shaped fruit until I was ready to make my parfait.  I had lots of  fruit scraps leftover.  I would never let this go to waste.

I snacked on these:)


I started buying just plain yogurt a few months ago after realizing how much sugar was in a container of flavored yogurt.

When you built your heart-shaped parfait, you will want to make sure you try to get the heart-shaped fruit facing the outside of your glass.

Layer your parfait with fruit, granola and yogurt.  and serve!

Make sure that the person you are making this for sees all the beautiful hearts on top!

A Valentines Day Fruit and yogurt parfait are a fun and healthy way to celebrate Valentines Day!



  1. This recipe looks wonderful! Looking forward to make on V-day!:) Thanks for sharing.

    Already your follower hopping by, blogging @ Why?

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    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

  3. This looks so delicious and healthy. Thank you so much for sharing. I pinned it. Blessings, Jo-Ann

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  5. What a fun and healthy treat — a surprise for someone special! Thanks so much for linking on Busy Monday!

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