Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

Do you watch Downton Abbey?  My husband and I watched seasons 1 and 2 the weeks leading up to Christmas.  We were both all caught up for the start of season 3 last week.  ( OH my goodness, did you see last Sunday’s episode? I KNOW!)

Sunday night is actually a big television line up for us.  Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, Revenge, The Mentalist and Sometimes football highlights.  We actually DVR Downton Abbey and watch it on Monday night.

I thought it would be good and fun to break out my tea cup and saucer and make a fun drink on our Downton Abbey evening.

I REALLY enjoy Earl Grey tea.  In 2004 I spent the summer studying in Ireland.  I drank tea all the time!  I just love pouring the hot water out of the tea pot and into my cup!

My Idea for Earl Grey hot chocolate came from here. All of you know I am not great at following other people’s recipes.  So I made up my own.

Earl Grey Hot Chocolate.  My Style. 


2 cups of Milk

3 bags of Earl Grey Tea

1/2 cup of a dark chocolate bar

1 teaspoon of brown sugar.

1) In a saucepan, heat 2 cups of milk to a light boil while the three teabags brew. 

2) Cut up your chocolate bar.  Cocoa powder can also be used for the chocolate component 

3) Once you feel like your tea has brewed sufficiently  in your milk, then add chocolate to your mixture and stir. 

5) Mix until you get the consitantcy you prefer.  

6) Drink and enjoy!

This was a great recipe to try!

Upon further investigation online about this concept of mixing hot chocolate with tea, I found a neat article over at Apartment therapy.   About mixing different kinds of teas with chocolate.  Very interesting and intriguing!  I think that the next tea mixture I would like to try is a peppermint tea hot chocolate!

I hope you try this Earl Grey hot chocolate.  I felt like the tea really mellowed the chocolate flavor.  It was a nice evening treat to have after our small fry went to bed!




  1. You just introduced me to the perfect mix of my two favorite drinks! I’ve gotta try this sometime! 🙂 thanks!
    – Jane @ urbanejane.com

  2. Oooh, my husband will love this! I recently shared a recipe on my blog for Earl Grey cake… We ate it while catching up with our “friends” from Downton Abbey! 🙂 Sunday can’t come soon enough!

  3. What a fun twist on hot cocoa. I’m not an Earl Grey girl, but you’ve really peaked my interest in what this flavor combo must be like. Thanks for sharing! Found you from I Should be Mopping the Floor.


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