Baked Plantain Fries

As most of my readers know, I am always on the lookout for something new to try.  Even though I live in a town in Iowa where I can count the number of dinner restaurants we have, on the one hand, that does not mean I cannot eat as I live in an area in which new and exciting food is readily available.

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, where ” food trends” ¬†come and go like clothing, hair, and makeup trends.

I remember being in middle school when¬†Maggiano’s became popular. ¬†My parents had no idea that one order of pasta meant that everyone in the family was going to get an entire pound of pasta! ¬†( we went home that first time with about five shopping bags of food!)

When I was in high school ( 1998-2001).  We went out for Sushi and Tapas.  My friends and I also spent many nights in Coffee Houses, Jamba Juice, and TCBY.

In 2005, after graduating from college, when I moved back to the Chicago area, my friends and I started eating out at these new ” higher scale” ¬†Mexican fast food places like Qdoba, Baja Fresh, and Chipolte.

Of course, when I moved away to western Illinois in 2006, Sushi was getting started there.  But now, my mom and her Chicago friends have discovered something new.  The breakfast casserole. Which I am pretty sure has been a staple in Iowa for years and years!

My sister-in-law Michelle gave me the idea to get started on Plantains.  She runs a gluten-free home and is always looking for new kid-friendly recipes to try. Frequently, her family is my inspiration for these recipes I come up with.   Over Christmas, she was telling me about a Plantain dessert she had made and enjoyed.

Plantains can be found in the produce department of most grocery stores.  They are a cousin to the banana, but the taste and are eaten very differently.  Plantains are a staple in Latin cuisine.  One plantain is about 80 calories.  Plantains are fruit and contain fiber, vitamin C, and other vitamins. Many times you will find fried plantains.

I wanted to try to make plantain fries but wanted to bake them.  Instead of using large amounts of oil, I just brushed these fries with a bit of olive oil.

Baked Plantain Fries 


2 Plantains

Two tablespoons of olive oil

One teaspoon salt

One teaspoon garlic powder.

1) Cut the Plantains into the shape of ” Fries.” ¬†

2) Spread them on a baking sheet

3) Brush them with olive oil. Top them with salt and garlic powder. 

4) Bake them at 400 degrees f for 20 minutes. Stirring them every few minutes.  

These were great. ¬†I think my husband Greg said it right when he said that they ” tasted kind of like tatertots.” ¬†If you are not familiar with plantains, then you should introduce yourself sometimes. ¬†They are a child-friendly fruit to try. ¬†They are packed with vitamins. ¬†They are not carb-free, but they are not bad for you either as long as they are not deep-fried. ¬†I will have these again!




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