Top 10 Posts of 2012

It is hard to believe that 2012 is almost over!  Last year my blog was just a small blog with just a few projects totaling in 20,000 visits ever.  Now This blog receives over 20,000 visits each week!  It means so much to me that all of you take time out of your day to read Make The Best of Everything!  I feel so blessed to have a creative outlet and to be able to earn some extra income for my family!

I thought I would recap the year by sharing my top 10 posts of 2012!

10.  I made my husband a ” Beer gift” for his birthday!  I decorated a six pack of blue moon to tell  him how much I love him!

9. I made these Green Tomato Fries with the last green tomatoes in September!


8. I made this ” Felt Road Patrol Kit” for my nephew’s birthday.  Check out how to make this Here!


7. Over the summer I replaced chips with Bell Pepper Scoop Chips!  I was surprised at how popular these were with readers!  They were even featured on Skinny Ms!  

6. Last Valentines Day, I made Heart Shaped Potato Skins for my husband.  This is a cute way to celebrate Valentines Day!


5. I created Egg Roll Wrapper Calzones in order to have a lighter ” pizza” dish.


4. I decided to make my second cousin Madison a ” Play Library” as a gift.  This was featured on Apartment Therapy, and thus received many hits!

3. These zucchini pizza cups I made over the summer has been very popular with my readers! 

2. Last January I sent my son’s birth announcement to the White House!  I received this awesome congrats back from president Obama!  I blogged about it!  Never did I think it would receive so many visitors!  

1.  Cucumber Subs.  When I made a cucumber sub for lunch one day, I had NO idea that this would become so popular on Pinterest!  Thank you to all who pinned this and shared it!  

Thank you for reading Make the best of everything!  I can’t wait to celebrate the New Year!





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