Thanksgiving drink charms

So yeah.  I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house.  20 people, from ALL sides of the family!  I am REALLY looking forward to meeting my brother’s fiance’s family.  My brother has been engaged since August, and we have not met her family yet!  I KNOW!

Whenever I host thanksgiving, I like to add special touches to the gathering.  It’s easy to do this without spending a whole bunch of money on new things. I don’t like to go out and spend money on ” Things”.  ” Things” clutter up my house.  I like to work on crafts that can be ” disposable”.

To make these cute little turkey leg drink charms.  I used 1 sheet of white craft foam and 1 sheet of felt. Cute and cheap.

I cut the white craft foam out to make it look like the shape of a turkey leg.  I chose to use craft foam   instead of felt for the base because I wanted these to be sturdy.  I then hot glued brown felt to each turkey leg.

This did not take me long at all.  I think they turned out cute!

I then used ” puffy paint and wrote everyone’s name on their turkey leg charm.

So if you must know.  These are the folks who will be joining us for Thanksgiving.

On each charm, I attached a jewelry ” hoop” from the craft store and ribbon.  I attached ribbon, because my Thanksgiving guest might drink water or milk or beer.  Other things besides wine.  They can use the ribbon to tie their charm to their drink.

I think these are a nice conversation piece. Also, they are much cuter then making everyone wear name tags!!!



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