Handmade Treasure Map


I am So very happy that Thanksgiving occurred early this year.  This means I have an extra week to get my act together for Christmas.  I have done NO Christmas shopping!  No Black Friday. No Cyber Monday. Nothing!

My 4 nephews and 1 niece all belong to the same family.  I have already decided that I wanted to get them a group gift this year.  A gift card to the movies.  Something kids in large families might not always get to do.

BUT. I thought I would make each one of them a small gift to open on Christmas, because opening something is fun!

My 6 year old nephew Adam will be the recipient of this map.  I think he has the biggest imagination out of the group!

This treasure map is on a piece of floppy canvas.  These come in about 12 in a tablet from the art department of the craft store.  I ” googled”  treasure maps and studied some of the  images before  drawing this map.  I sketched it out on the canvas with a pencil then used water color and puff paint to decorate it.

I really love using watercolors. I fell in love with this painting method when I was in college.

On almost all of my children’s crafts I use Puffy Paint to decorate.  All the black you see on this treasure map is puffy paint.  I feel like that is the finishing touch.

My nephew Adam is very special to me.  My husband and I got engaged just a few weeks after he was born, so he has always known me as ” Aunt Kristen”.  Two other gifts that I have made Adam in the past includes a Homemade Detective Kit  and  a Movie Gift Set .  I hope he will enjoy this one just as much.  Adam has two older brothers, one younger sister and one ( almost two) younger brothers.  I know that he will share this with his siblings during imaginative play.

This is an easy toy to simply roll up and put away!  This canvas is much more durable then paper.  Perfect for little kids to play with!!

Now I have to think up homemade gifts for the rest of the kids!  Wish me luck!