Cucumber Dip Cups

I am always looking for cute ideas for presenting food.  But seriously, I am not going to spend hours working on a food display when you know people are just going to eat it.  Individual cucumber dip cups are a great way to present vegetables and dip.  And these little cuties only take a few minutes to make!

The best part is, is that you can eat your entire vegetable cup AND you will get an extra serving of your daily vegetables!

I really love cucumbers.  They are crunchy and refreshing. I also like cutting up cucumbers into squares and eating them on salads or in tuna or chicken salads.  It is always nice to add a little crunch to your meal:)

How to make Cucumber Dip Cups 

1) cut a cucumber into generous thick slices
2) Using a melon scoop, scoop out the center of each cucumber

3) Make a dip to your specifications and add a dab in each cucumber cup.

Use Whichever dip you prefer.  I usually don’t keep ” dip” around my house.  But if I do need dip for something, I just mix a little sour cream with whichever “Tastefully Simple” spice I happen to have.  If I am just making a dip for my husband and I to have, I will mix garlic with sour cream. = yum:)

4) Cut up some vegetables and place them into the cups.  I just used carrot sticks.  Celery sticks and bell peppers cut into sticks would also work well with these.

See how easy these are?  They are so easy.  And now, you won’t have to worry about people who double dip!




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