Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

I broke out the chalkboard paint because my chalkboard table needed a touch up.  While I was painting the blocks for Hadley’s birthday present.  I had spilled some paint on my table.

While I had the chalkboard paint out, I wanted to paint a few other things.  I painted a vase and a flower pot.  I thought It would be fun to try to make chalkboard wrapping paper.

I can’t believe I have never posted a wrapping paper post before.  I LOVE wrapping presents.  I often have a secret competition with my family members during Christmastime on who can wrap the best presents.

In all this chalkboard craze going around Pinterest, I can’t believe I have never actually seen chalkboard wrapping paper before.   I realize that It might be easier to paint a gift box with chalkboard paint.  But I wanted to wrap one of my son’s birthday gifts. ( a book).

I often keep plain brown shipping paper around.  I think that simple wrapping paper can look really fantastic.  I cut a nice sized piece of brown shipping paper to paint with chalkboard paint.

This was a great opportunity to try this.  Since I needed to touch up my chalkboard table anyway, I painted this paper on that surface.  If the weather is nice, you can attempt to paint your wrapping paper outside as well.

Using a roller,  I painted my brown shipping paper with chalkboard paint.  It definitely absorbed more paint then I thought it would.

I let my paper dry overnight.  It was a little bumpy at first.  After a while it started to smooth out a bit.  The bumps didn’t bother me.  When I wrap gifts I like them to look rustic.

All in All, I think the Chalkboard wrapping paper turned out great.  My only mishap was that after my projects were done, I actually spilled chalkboard paint on my floor.  Im not sure when I personally will break out the chalkboard paint again.

But don’t let my clumsiness stop you from creating chalkboard wrapping paper for the upcoming Christmas season!



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