Homemade Veterinarian Kit!

As all of my readers know, I LOVE to give homemade gifts! Especially to all the children in my life! I have a son who was life changing, a wonderful Goddaughter, a bunch of adorable second cousins, 5 amazing nephews and 1 beautiful niece.
Audrey. The one and only girl on my husbands side of the family. We all cherish her.

And I realize that all of you grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents out there claim that the special children in your lives are ” Just the smartest”  

But really, my niece Audrey is REALLY smart. She is a very inquisitive little girl who will go on to do great things. Which is why she was the recipient of this Veterinarian kit for her birthday!

Audrey is turning 5 years old.

I found items rather inexpensively, and put them together to create ” Dr. Audrey’s animal clinic”

I purchased a small clip board at Wal Mart for $1.00.  I made up some ” Patient information” forms.  Every veterinarian office needs to keep up with their paperwork. 

I made a Dr. Mirror by purchasing a small compact from the dollar store, and carefully removing the mirror from the compact.  I then super glued the mirror to this headband.  I also lined the back of the mirror with felt so it would be more comfortable to wear. 

I purchased this real stethoscope on ebay for $1.26 and free shipping! This was a great addition to
Audrey’s Animal Clinic, and its much nicer than the cheap plastic stethoscopes you find in the toy department.

I found a few other items at the dollar store to help me complete this kit. Including a bandage wrap and surgical masks.  The surgical masks came in a pack of 10 for only $1.00!

In addition to those, I also purchased a package of band aids and turned them into ” Pet Bandages” and a stuffed dog and cat for a dollar each.

Lets go over all the items in Audrey’s Veterinarian Kit

1) Clip board and patient information sheets
2) Stethoscope
3) Doctor Mirror
4) A Bandage wrap
5) 10 surgical masks
6) Pet bandages
7) Plastic Tweezers
8) Plastic Medicine administer
9) Mini Pet Dog and a Mint Pet Cat

I placed all of these items in a mini suitcase that I purchased from the craft store.  I want Audrey to be able to keep all of her items together.  I decorated it just for her!!

I really hope she likes this gift.  One thing that amazes me about Audrey and her brothers, is that they are so resourceful and have big imaginations.  I hope that this helps them to learn and have fun!




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