Tea Organization

In the summer of 2004, I studied abroad in Ireland, and thus, became a tea drinker.  I always got a kick out of the Irish, and how they all were so serious about their tea.  I especially loved seeing these macho businessmen who sat in cafes with their dainty cups of tea.
When dining at nice dining establishments in the United States, I often order tea.  Mostly because tea will often be served with an adorable miniature tea pot. AND the server will  come out with a big box of teas that you get to choose from! I always feel like a kid in a candy store!
If you have never ordered hot tea in a really nice restaurant, you should!!

I often purchase different kinds of Teas.  The problem was, I had boxes of teas everywhere! and no great place to store them.

Here is how I ” downsized” my tea collection, and converted my teas into a ” Tea drawer”.

1) Throw the unused teas away!  It is so easy to keep your teas Forever!  Teas don’t go bad. I had many kinds of teas that I had not used in years.  I threw away all the teas I no longer drink.

2) Take your teas out of the boxes they came in. Those tea boxes take up so much room! Many of the tea boxes in my cluttered cabinet only contained a few tea bags.

3) Clean out a drawer

4) Arrange your teas in a silverware organizer. Tea bags will fit wonderfully in most

I used one of the compartments in the organizer for some of the “different shaped” teas.

I really love my new tea drawer!  My drawer feels like those assorted boxes you find at nice restaurants!  I can’t wait to have someone over and be able to open the drawer so they can pick their tea!



  1. I'm a tea drinker too and I've struggled with organizing them. I love the idea of using a silverware organizer. What about the teas that aren't individually wrapped? Any suggestions for those?

  2. I would sort the different kinds out in plastic bags and either place them in the drawer too, OR. Place them in a Mason jar and store them in a cabinet.

  3. This is a very cute idea. I am not a tea drinker but I have a lot of friends that are. 🙂


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