Pepperoni Pizza Tomato Bowls

Pepperoni Pizza Tomato Bowls 

I LOVE pizza.  So much. that I literally never ordered a pizza once throughout the 4 years I was in college.  WHY? because I knew I had the capability to eat the entire thing!

Now that I am married, I can share pizza with my husband, load it up with veggies and its not quite so bad.  We usually opt for a thin crust.

Still, I am always trying to get that amazing pizza flavor without feeling guilty!

This summer, I have been posting recipes on how to use vegetables in the place of bread.  Today I am adding to my list of Healthy Recipes

I have decided to stuff a beautiful summer tomato with my favorite pizza toppings!

My favorite pizza toppings today are pepperoni and zucchini.  Other days, my favorite pizza toppings might include  BBQ chicken, pineapple,  Italian sausage, caramelized onions, asparagus, and Canadian bacon.

How to make Pepperoni Pizza Tomato bowls

1) With a small knife, cut the center out of each tomato. 

2) Squeeze out as much juice as you can from the tomato

3) Stuff each tomato with chopped zucchini and pepperoni.  OR your favorite pizza toppings. 

4) Stuff the remainder of the tomato with cheese. 

5) Bake in the oven at 350 F for 25 minutes

6) Pair with a salad and enjoy!  

This was a nice light summer dinner.





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