Tuna Salad Celery Logs

When I started this blog last year, I never intended for it to be a ” Food Blog”.  Make the best of everything I suppose has a little bit of everything.  Whatever I feel like making.

With that being said, I am sorry that I keep posting all of these ” Low Carb Vegetable” posts.  I promise to make a ” Bad for you” cake. or a fun kids project sometime soon:)

I guess its a bad time to say that my brother made a ” zucchini sandwich” that I will be posting within the next week.

Tuna Salad Celery Logs are meant to be a take on ” Ants on a log”.  These are a healthy summer lunch.

1) Cut celery sticks to however long you would like them. 

2) Make Tuna salad to your specifications 

3) Spread your tuna salad on the celery.  

4) Top your celery logs with dried cranberries.  or Raisins.  whichever your prefer. Small Apple pieces might also taste good on these. 

Tuna salad celery logs were a great lunch.  its been HOT HOT HOT in southern Iowa this summer.  Its nice to have a few go to dishes that don’t require heating up the kitchen!

And of course for all my ” Low carb” followers.  This is a lovely lunch for you.  For me, it just evens out ( a little) all my iced coffees I have been drinking in this heat.

Hope you enjoy!



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