Caprese Cucumber bites

Last week my family was vacationing in Door County, Wisconsin.  One of the things that makes Door County special, is that you don’t see ” chain” restaurants there.  In contrast, they have many local shops where you can find outstanding fresh foods.

One afternoon we were walking around in Bailey’s Harbor, one of the towns in Door County and we saw this fresh mozzarella cheese in one of the shops.  We couldn’t resist it.

I’m fairly certain I saw my husband Greg actually grab some of this amazing cheese with his bare hands soon after we left the shop.

I came home, and made Caprese Cucumber bites.  Substituting cucumbers for crackers is a new found  thing I have been doing.

I did not have access to fresh basil.  Thats life sometimes.  I went to the store and purchased basil in a tube and some pretty grape tomatoes.

I was able to find some fresh parsley outside in my mothers potted plant.  ( It was her and my father’s residence we were staying at)

On each cucumber I arranged a squirt of the basil, a spoonful to mozzarella cheese, a sliced tomato and decorated each bite with a dash of fresh parsley.

This was an excellent pre dinner appetizer.  Very refreshing after walking around the majority of the day.  



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