To the Moon and back.

>Do you like it?  Its a birthday present for my wonderful husband! I am going to hide it in the veggie drawer until this birthday this weekend.  I usually do not post gifts before I give them, but I could not resist.  Also, my husband usually does not read my blog. ( I know. right?)
 I thought up this idea in a dream I had last night.  I think he will love it.  I think that this would also make a great Fathers day gift.
How to make a  ” I Love you to the Moon and back” beer gift. 
Orange and yellow card stock
Black sharpie
orange marker
craft twine
1 6 pack of Blue Moon beer
1) Make oranges out of construction paper I used a glass to stencil out the oranges on yellow card stock, then cut out orange triangles to make the oranges.  If you are familiar with Blue Moon, then you might know that it is best served with an orange slice.
2) Tie or glue them onto the Beer package
3) On card stock write out an big THE to place over the “blue” on the beer package.  
4) Write out ” And Back”  and glue both of these on the beer package. 
5) Write out a sign on card stock that says ” I love you to” to glue on the top of the six pack.
Thats it!
I just hope that my husband does not find this until his real birthday!

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