Cereal box cupcake holder

I made some cupcakes for the girls who work in the day care at my local YMCA.  They watch my 6 month old son almost every day of the week while I work out,  and do an amazing job!  One morning before heading to the Y.  I woke up early and baked them some cupcakes.

After the cupcakes were done, cooled and frosted, I scrambled around the house to find a box to bring them in.  I did not want to bring them on something I would need back.  I could not find a gift box anywhere!

I used my resourceful instincts and turned a cereal box into my cupcake box!

I just happened to have one of those cereal boxes with almost no cereal left in my pantry.

I cut out the center of the cereal box and used packing tape to shut the top of the cereal box.  I then covered the box with tin foil.

Easy. This was a 5 minute project.  I literally did this while my baby was in his carrier as we ran out the door.

I covered this with plastic wrap.  Maybe I will work on making this concept cute in a later post.









  1. This is such a smart idea! I don't have something to carry cupcakes in because I don't want to pay $$ for a carrier. This is perfect!! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. This is such a clever idea! So simple, but so great! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  3. Great idea to make cupcake box. So easy to make yet really beautiful. You have made a casual one but i think it can be made to carry cupcakes for special occasions also by a little more effort. Just by applying some glitters and pasting laces and all, it can be made more beautiful.

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  6. Use wrapping paper at christmas time oR fir a birthday.


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