Felt Road patrol kit

My nephew Kyle just turned 2.  After making homemade gifts for his brothers and sisters I, of course had to make something fun and creative for him as well!

Some of my other gifts I have made some of the other children in Kyle’s family include:

Adam’s homemade detective kit
Audrey’s Play Pizzeria
Audrey’s Madeline Costume
Adam’s Red box gift set

I made Kyle ” Officer Kyle’s patrol kit”

Although this gift is a little advanced for a 2 year old, I know Kyle will get help on how to use it from his three older brothers and older sister. 

I purchased 1 yard of felt and cut them into pieces of road. I made them all the same size by using my first cut piece of road as a guide for all my other pieces.

I made the road lines with yellow 3d Puff paint.

I wanted this gift to be interactive.  I found images of road signs online. Printed them out and glued them on the back of craft foam to make them sturdy.

I packed them all in a box and also included a Hot Wheels police car.

Included instructions.

I packed them all up in a plastic container.



  1. I love homemade gifts! I bet he loved it. I found you on Tip Junkie. I'm following you on Pinterest now 🙂

  2. What a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a cute idea!! I love this!! Please come link up at our link party going on right now…junkintheirtrunk.blogspot.com/2012/03/link-it-up-wednesday-21.html

  4. This is so simple and cute! Love it! Thanks for linking to Handmade Tuesdays!

  5. What a cute idea! I really love the homemade road signs. Thank you for sharing!

  6. How cool! This is such a fun activity. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Fun idea. Will have to do it when my little one gets older!

  8. Sweet idea. I might do something cool like this for my pre-k class for community helpers theme.

  9. Such a very cute and easy project! I like that it all went inside the plastic container too!

  10. That is really awesome!


  11. This is a great gift idea!! Just posted on Craft Gossip, thanks for submitting:)


  12. I followed your directions to make a gift for my nephew and posted about it here

  13. Hi there 🙂
    I have made 'roads' to my boys after I found your blog on Totally Tutorials. Thanks a lot for shearing your ideas 🙂
    I made my road of syntethic leather. To fix the roads to the floor, I used glue-spray under them. It works very fine.
    Ellen 🙂

  14. This will e an awesome gift for my little Hot Wheels lovers! Thank you!

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  16. Thank you, very good idea!

  17. How cute! I think I might make some to include with toy cars in the boxes we send to Operation Christmas Child. Thanks for sharing.


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