Valentines day Coffee cup

Last year, I made my husband DIY beer labels for Valentines day.  And oh how our lives have changed since last year!
Now that we have a little one, Greg’s beverage of choice is coffee, not beer!
I decided that I will surprise him with a special Valentines day travel cup that he can take to work with him on Valentines day!
I purchased a pack of disposable ” to go” coffee cups from the store  and took off the cup liner.
I then traced the cup liner on a piece of cardstock .
I then used a heart cookie cutter to trace a heart.
I got some coffee beans out of my kitchen cabinet.
And used a hot glue gun to glue them on my coffee sleeve.
I then glued the coffee sleeve onto the cup.
I made a little message to attach to the cup.  ” Our Love will continue to Brew. Always”
I also plan to attach a foam heart sticker on the cup opening to prevent spills as he is driving to work.
A picture of the finished product once again.
Look at my Coffee Charms I made last year!

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