Chalkboard table top

I see so many chalkboard posts everywhere.
 I used to be very reluctant to dive into the chalkboard paint world.  All that chalk dust sounded like such a mess!
Until I had a friend post a link on her Facebook page about a chalkboard fridge.
I decided to give chalkboard paint a try.
 My husband and I have this table set. It is cheep. We purchsed the table and 4 chairs for no more than $200 in 2005.
This table top has lots of scratches on it.  Partly because its made of cheep wood.
And  Partly because I have done many crafts on this table over the years, and should have taken better care of it.
I love this table.  I didn’t want to get rid of it, but I couldn’t justify spending alot of money refinishing it.
I went to Menards and purchased chalkboard paint ( I live in the middle of nowhere, so I chose this brand because it was the only option unless I wanted to make my own).  That being said, I was pleased with this paint.
While my baby was napping, I broke out a roller and painted the table!  It only took about 20 minutes. about 4 hours later I gave the table another coat.
Below is a photo of the paint drying.  I didn’t put plastic on the ground.  a small amount did drip onto the ground.  It was easy to clean up.
Here is a photo of the finished table after my family had breakfast and decorated the table a bit.
I added a little glass with some chalk.  I want people feel like they can feel free to draw!
I really LOVE my new table!!
Here are some cleaning tips after having this for a few weeks.
I had to play around with clean up.  The first few times I tried cleaning this table I ended up with white streaks on the table. Also, when I used a sponge, particles from the sponge ended up on the table.
I found success with a wet wash cloth.  You will need enough water on it in order to remove all the chalk dust off the table.
Also, I find that I have had to sweep or swiffer white chalk under the table.  However, I still say that having a great chalkboard table is worth it.

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