Baby food Valentines

2011 was a BIG year of babies among people I know! Including me!
I had my little boy on October 30 ,2011.
But before that, four of my good friends and three of my cousins all had baby girls!!!
I thought it would be super cute if my son, being the only boy in the group, sent Valentines to all his little girlfriends and girl cousin playmates!
I might be creating a monster with this…..or maybe he will grow up and get mad at me for doing this to him. Who knows.
I came up with baby food Valentines for the girls!
For Katelyn. Peas! because she is a ” Sweet Pea!”
Bananas for Brenna!
Pears for Emma.
For Hadley. Apples.
These next three are for ‘cousin’ baby girls.  so I needed to make the phrases. ‘cousin’ appropriate. 
( I grew up in the Chicago area….our family is not like THAT)
Alayna and Madison are getting sweet potatos.
And a Blueberry treat for Ariana!
Hope all the girls enjoy their Valentines.  As a girl myself, I know how important Valentines day is to the girls!



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