Madeline costume….And a desperate plea for help.

I LOVE making gifts for my nephews and niece. ( and I will Love making gifts for my son too. Although, right now, he is only 6 weeks old)
My niece is the ” Princess of the family” She is 4, the only girl in the family, and she is also adorable. 
Audrey has a great amount of princess dress up clothes.  What a great idea to make her a costume that would introduce her to a literary character.
 I chose …
I also purchased a Madeline book, just in case she was not familiar with Madeline.
I have been starting to sew some simple things.  I don’t have a sewing machine, but trying to decide if I should get one.  My mom brought hers with her when she visited for  Thanksgiving, and helped me with this project.
We found fleece remnants at the fabric store. for about a dollar apiece. With fleece, you don’t have to hem the ends and its durable for a little girl to play in.
The Madeline dress is made out of a little girl PJ patternl  My mother has been sewing for a LONG time. She has pretty much every pattern you can imagine. 
The Madeline cape is made out of a basic children’s cape pattern. We then just added the white collar ( also fleece) and I hand stitched the ribbon on for the finishing touch.  
I measured the ribbon longer than I thought it needed to be.  If this is too long, it can always be cut.
Here is the finished product…..Almost finished.
Initially, when I posted my Madeline costume, I posted a plea of help in the blog world.  How would I make Madeline’s hat that goes with this costume?  You guys left some great comments below on how to make a yellow hat.  I looked into yellow hats, and straw hats.  

I ended up purchasing a straw hat from Hobby Lobby and sewing on black ribbon.  I could have done more with Madeline’s hat, but I had a 2 month old at the time and I didn’t have time to visit this further. 
And lastly, here is a Eiffel tower made from a pipe cleaner. This is from my ” breakfast toppers post.  I just thought this would be cute to incorporate into the gift wrap somehow. Also would be a cute cupcake topper for a Madeline themed party.
Happy Holiday crafting everyone!!



  1. I don't know if this is helpful, but it's what I would try if I were you. I would get felt, and make a cap out of it, maybe in 6 pieces, and then for the brim, I'd use felt again, and starch the snot out of it to get it to stiffen. Or you could try a really stiff interfacing, like they use in purses.
    That is the cutest outfit ever!

  2. We made the plate and bowl hats found here when we studied Madeline.

  3. I made the Man in the Yellow Hat hat out of felt and buckram for my son for Halloween. Adjust the shape of the top part, cut a line in the brim and overlap it a little on the outside edge so it will tilt up, and it should work for Madeline. I have a tutorial here

  4. I love this idea and the book to go with it! I'd love for you to link up to my Christmas carnival

  5. That cape is the cutest thing ever! I think you might be able to make a hat (but not with a round top, unfortunately) by using some yellow fabric with really stiff interfacing…I made something similar here:

  6. SO cute! I love to make gifts for my nieces and nephew

  7. I hate to state the obvious, but straw is yellow. The illustrator in my opinion was exaggerating the yellow-ness of the straw by painting them yellow. I would just choose a plain straw hat that mimics the shape as best you can.
    While the toys give her a yellow hat, the movie went with plain straw.

  8. holy cow this is so stinking cute. If it were me I'd make it out of felt and maybe yellow fleece for the part that goes over the head. i made a simple matador hat out of felt and fleece and it looked passable you can see that one here

    and I'd love you to add this to my What We Wore and Made Party over at

  9. Depending upon how stiff/flexible you need the hat to be, several options come to mind.
    First, yellow crafting foam. This is the thin, flexible stuff often used in scrapbooking. You will probably have to splice pieces together to get the size needed.
    Second, a bright yellow fabric backed with stiffener (such as Peltex or Timtex). You can use a fusible web to attach it to the fabric.
    If you need a pattern for a hat, go over to and download their free “Wild Things” program, which will let you design and print out patterns for a bunch of accessories like hats and bags.
    Good luck!

  10. Love this idea!! Just posted on Craft Gossip, so maybe you will get a little help from the readers there too!


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