Pretzel Eiffel tower masterpiece!

What can I say? Only that I have always wanted to make something that looks like the Eiffel tower. I mean for a REALLY long time!   I thought I would use craft sticks or something.  Not food. 
I saw This Ice cream sundae Eiffel tower on Pinterest. the other day, and I got inspired.
I have an 11 day old baby at home.  This afternoon I was in an out of REM sleep on the couch ( watching him sleep in the bouncy seat) dreaming about how I would put this Eiffel tower together. 
So, after we both woke up, fed and changed him.  I decided to see if I could put this together. 
Here are the ingredients you will need to make your own pretzel Eiffel tower. 
1) A handful of pretzels.
2) 1 Saltine cracker.
3) 1 Cheeze it cracker
4) a teaspoon or so of cream cheese.
I used the cream cheese as the glue. and put together my structure VERY carefully.  enjoyed it for a moment or two…then devoured it!  ( it turns out that onion and chive cream cheese taste pretty darn good with pretzels)
So then after I finnished, I was thinking that if you wanted your Eiffel tower to last longer, you could use frosting and maybe graham crackers.  That would also be a great snack, and the frosting might stick better. 



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  2. Génial!!!! This is Brilliant!


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